Monday, February 11, 2013

hello World

hello, I have been incapicitated for nearly two years following  a relapse of my schizophrenia, but I am back now.

I have updated my mobile to iphone 4, ipad 2 and a brandnew ultra laptop with home internet.

I have also been updating and learning about the new seo and google, I have not exactly been in the wilderness with wild locusts and honey. lol.

Had been keeping up with facebook and recently got back to the new familysearch and looked at the familytree program. Hoping to sign up as a family history missionary this year.

Those who had kept up with my facebook, should notice that I have not been idle. Recently I was involved in a team project and the ArtsAtlas website has been launched. Also has been nearly a year as a committee of management member for Ballarat Arts Alive (BAA) the last year.



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

July Special

This month, I am offering a very low cost starter package for artists to get online. You only have to worry about your art and content. We think you might be interested in having a domain name, website hosting, gallery and blogging special all inclusive on the one website for $49 per month?

Creative juices and Mental Disability

I find that when I am having an episode, my creative juices flows more strongly and I can think up new ideas all the time I am awake, but when I am well and "normal", I tend to vege out and just watch the tv. So which is better? What do you think?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Thanks for coming to my blog.

I have decided to go with Blogger because my wife's blog had the most hits and visitors of all the blogs and it's free.

Here I will be blogging about creating web designs and SEO as an educator and trainer. And anything of interest.